Water Softening

Water softening through ion exchange is an effective and inexpensive solution to reduce water hardness. What distinguishes ion exchange from other processes is how it works. The reduction in water hardness can be measured immediately after the water softener has been installed. This is not possible with many other methods because they simply do not work.

Water softening costs

The costs for a water softening system are manageable. For operation in a family house with 4 people and a water hardness of 20° dH, an ion exchanger requires:

     about 5 watts of electricity -> monthly costs about 2 €
     approx. 3 - 5 sacks of softening salt per year -> monthly costs around 4€
     approx. 0.7 m³ waste water -> monthly costs around 0.5€

The running costs for operating a water softening system are around €6.5 per month.

On the other hand, there are savings for:

     Detergent -> monthly about 7 €
     Limescale protection agent -> monthly about 5 €
     Limescale cleaner -> monthly about 5 €

Just by saving on detergent, anti-limescale and anti-limescale cleaners, you can save around €17 a month. In addition, descaling in the household is no longer necessary, which can save you a lot of time.

For the installation of a FILTRASOFT water softening system in a carefree package you have to invest about 1500€. With annual savings of around €100, the installation has paid for itself after 15 years at the latest. You also save a lot of time when cleaning and no longer have to descale with vinegar or other acids. What we also do not include in this calculation is the wear and tear on shower heads, kettles, coffee machines and other household items that are destroyed by limescale.

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