About us

What is wasserhaerte.net?

wasserhaerte.net is a portal of users for users. That is, anyone can sign up and submit a value for any location. Of course, this statement should also be justified and, above all, correct. The more users submit an entry for a city, the more accurate the value becomes.
How can I submit a value?

There are only three steps to do this:

    Search city or town (fastest via the search form)
    Click on the button "send new value" and register (if no user account exists)
    Write a short comment where the information came from and enter the value.

Are the values ​​guaranteed to be correct?

No - All values ​​are from our users and therefore we give no guarantee for the correctness! But since the entries are commented on, you can get an idea of ​​how credible the entry is. In doubt, only one thing helps - measure yourself.

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