Waterhardness in 88353 Blöden Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

The waterhardness for this city is calculated. To be sure, you should measure the value yourself.

(calculated) 15 °dH*
hardness range : hard

The water hardness in Kißlegg - Blöden (88353) is approx. 15 °dH and is therefore hard in the hardness range. With hard water, there is a risk of lime forming in your household appliances and piping. You can lower the water hardness with a water softening system. This value was calculated from the neighbour cities. The average water hardness in Baden-Württemberg is 16 °dH.


Country Deutschland
Region Baden-Württemberg
Zipcode 88353
Coordinates 9.92 / 47.83
Waterhardness in °dH 15
Waterhardness in mmol/l 2.679
Waterhardness in °fH 26.786
Waterhardness range hard

What is the water hardness in 88353 Kißlegg Blöden?

What is the water hardness in 88353 Kißlegg Blöden?
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